The iSLM160 is an industrial-grade metal 3D Printer, with a large building plate, open materials, and significant printing capabilities. A high-level, affordable solution for dental applications and small-medium parts.
Τεχνολογία 3D Printing
Selective Laser Melting (SLM)

Building Functional Metal Parts

The printer facilitates the direct production of functional complex geometric parts such as snap-fit or loose joint hinges. It offers a wide range of material options, with metal powder being a commonly chosen medium, available in both single metal or alloy compositions.This capability is particularly advantageous for manufacturing single parts or small batches of functional components.

The versatility of the printer makes it an ideal choice for various applications including industrial production, prototyping, research, and specialized fields like dental and medical industries, where precise and customized parts are essential.

Εικόνα για την κατηγορία Building Functional Metal Parts

Printing in SLM

SLM is a 3D printing technology that uses metallic powder to print metal objects instantly.

During printing, a coating mechanism (the recoater) spreads a layer of metallic powder on the printing plate and a powerful laser beam selectively melts the powder of the current layer. After the fusion is complete, the printing platform is moved down one layer, and the process is repeated until the entire object is fused. The whole process is carried out in a chamber, with a shielding gas, to prevent the metal from reacting with other gases at high temperatures.

The main advantage of SLM technology is that it offers many new options in manufacturing metal parts, such as geometric freedom in design, weight reduction, flexibility in prototyping, and speed in producing metal objects in small quantities.

Εικόνα για την κατηγορία Printing in SLM
Laser Type Fiber laser
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Laser Power 200W / 500W
Process scraper paving
Normal Build 0.05mm
Quick Build 0.05~0.10mm
Precision Build 0.02~0.05mm
Beam (diameter@1/e2) 0.04~0.15mm
Scanning Galvanometer High Speed Scanning Galvanometer
Parts Scanning Speed 1.0~2.0m/s (recommended)
Blank Jumping Speed 10.0m/s (recommended)
Reference Building Speed 2~15cm³/h
Protective gas N2 / Ar (Active metal materials must be protected with Ar)
Flow Control 0~3 L/min intellient adjustment
Dust Extraction Control High efficiency Protection recycling system
Build Vat Volume Approx. 5L
XY Platform 160mm(X) × 160mm(Y)
Z Axis 230mm (Including substrate thickness)
Max Weight 20kg
Build Vat Type Precision resistor heater
Materials Stainless Steel / Die Steel / Titanium Alloy / Aluminium Alloy / Co-Cr Alloy / Nickel Alloy / Cuprum etc.
Network Ethernet, TCP/IP, IEEE802.3
Control Software iSLM (Presto SLM)
Data Preparation Software 3dLayer (3D Model Supporting & Slicing Software)
Data Interface CLI file, SLC file, STL file
Power 220V(±10%) AC 50/60Hz, single-phase, 5/20A
Ambient Temperature 20-26ºC
Relative Humidity Less than 40%, non-condensing
Installation Condition Size 1.10m(W)×1.30m(D)×1.85m(H)
Installation Condition Weight Approx. 1000kg
Warranty Laser: 5000 hours or 12 months (whichever comes first) Main Machine: 12 months from installation date