XYZ 3D Scanner 2.0

Take your first step into the world of 3D scanning. Use the 3D Scanner Pro to scan people or objects, and produce 3D files.
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Improve Your Workflow

Improve your 3D modelling workflow by simply scanning your object and referencing its surface data in your design. With XYZscan Handy you can measure areas your previously couldn’t with traditional calipers.

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Maneuverable and Portable

The 3D Scanner Pro connects to your computer with a USB cord for greater mobility and is small and light enough to move around easily. Attach it to your laptop screen and move your laptop as you scan.

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Edit and Export

Use XYZScan Handy, a scanning and post-editing software to edit your models after scanning and export multiple export formats, such as .stl .obj .ply and .fbx.

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