Stereolithography (SLA)

The SLA printing process is a great one to use for prototypes of plastic parts that need good/smooth surface quality. These parts have a medium performance when compared with production plastics, but can be used for many reasons: to validate the fit of items or to make cosmetic models, and understand the representation of a final product. There are various materials to help make parts that are black, white, or flexible.
Μέγιστες Διαστάσεις Εκτύπωσης: 124.8mm*70.2mm*196mm
Ακρίβεια: Πολύ Καλή
Χρόνος υλοποίησης: 4-7 days
Διαθέσιμα Υλικά Εκτύπωσης: Plastic (Rubber -BLK 65, PRO – BLK 20, HI TEMP 300)

Rubber-BLK 65

Rubber-BLK 65 resin used for its construction is a flexible material, suitable for the production of extremely durable pieces that resemble polypropylene. With stunning pre-fracture elongation and impact resistance, this durable material offers exceptional flexibility and precision for a wide range of prototyping applications, functional controls, and small producers.

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Figure 4 PRO-BLK 20

A different material is the resin Figure 4 PRO-BLK 20, a production material with subversive mechanical properties, which resemble those of thermoplastics, and long-lasting strength. 

Εικόνα για την κατηγορία Figure 4 PRO-BLK 20

Other Applications

 Alternative different uses of the printer and the specific technology, fall into categories such as medicine for the manufacture of parts and tools, parts for small production, and anything that requires to be created with great freedom in the complexity of design.

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