SondaSYS SL02 - The Most Flexible Industrial 3D Printer

An industrial additive manufacturing device, using SLS technology (polyamide/plastic powders) made by a well- experienced team of engineers and market experts in the 3D printing industry and CAD/CAM services.
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Βάρος 3D Printer
1600 kg
Μέγιστo μέγεθος εκτύπωσης
(265 x 265 x 310 mm) or (365 x 365 x 610 mm)
Εξωτερικές διαστάσεις ( Μ,Π,Υ )
1985 x1515x2160 mm

Powerful device

One of the key factors that inhibit the dynamic development of the industry growth is the time for research and testing new products. Thanks to the use of industrial 3D printing systems the verification and functional tests of all elements can be carried out at the early stage of their design. It is essential that the device enables the rapid production of components using proven and commercially available materials.

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Main Advantages

TWO BUILD VOLUMES - Power of Economy: 

The option to change the size of the chamber gives impressive effects in the optimization of production costs by adjusting the build chamber size to current production needs.  All what is needed is to choose size:

  • no. 1 (265 x 265 x 310 mm)
  • no. 2 (365 x 365 x 610 mm)

TOP-QUALITY OPTICS- Power of Evolution: 

SL02 model is equipped with the most advanced optical system from Cambridge Technology. That ensures the highest model quality and significant reduction of work time.

OPEN PARAMETERS- Power of Freedom: 

With open and editable print parameters, it is designed to work with all provider’s materials. Consumers can choose materials freely according to their current needs.

Εικόνα για την κατηγορία Main Advantages

Flexible 3D Printer


That gives impressive effects in the optimization of the production costs by adjusting the size of the build chamber volume to current needs. Consumer just choosing size 1 (265 x 265 x 310 mm) or size 2 (365 x 365 x 610 mm) and the device will prepare selected build chamber volume by itself.


The heated print chamber can reach up to 300°C which enables the user to print with a wide range of high-performance materials, including PA6.


SondaSYS SL02 works with powders from all providers and producers.


SL02 could be rebuilt come across to mostly to every clients need. Device has a few options which can be modified, client has to choose the final parameters.

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SondaSYS “Skywritting”

In standard 2-axis systems, the laser dot moves from point A to point B. At point B the laser dot must stop and after stopping it jumps in a straight line from point B to C, then the mirror accelerates and runs further to point D. In such a system, the laser slows down at point B while it constantly releases the same energy. So at points B and C the powder is sintered harder and deeper – due to laser downtime at these points the emitted energy is greater than it should be. Mirrors when stopping still have their inertia (the X mirror responsible for the A-B segment is still vibrating and the Y mirror responsible for the C-D segment is just accelerating) and this movement, although it only lasts milliseconds can then be seen on the models, as it causes folds in angles of sharp models.
In the SondaSYS SL02 System, the laser moves from point A to point B at full speed, then makes an arc, at point B the laser turns on and continues to move at full speed. Turning the laser on and off is controlled and set using the SondaSYS RP software. Algorithms of the Cambridge Lighting 2 system are responsible for the smooth movement of the laser beam. The turn on/off time of the laser is set during the first calibration of the device. These settings remain unchanged and fixed – there is no need to re-calibrate them.

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