RoBétArmé Project Horizon Europe.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Thrilled to share insights from a recent milestone gathering with our esteemed partners in the RoBétArmé Project Horizon Europe.

In this pivotal meeting, each partner showcased their progress, marking significant first steps towards our collective goal. At ANiMA, we were honored to present our advancements, receiving encouraging feedback that fuels our commitment to innovation.

Our presentation highlighted the development of a cutting-edge manipulator and an innovative end effector nozzle:
1) A 6-axis manipulator boasting a reach of 0.85m horizontally and 1.27m vertically, with a precision of 0.05 mm repeatability.
2) The laser unit of the end effector, with a 3000W rated output power and a wavelength of 1070±20 nm.
3) The introduction of a new end effector nozzle, designed with 6082 aluminum alloy, that emphasizes enhanced control, improved cooling, and reduced weight.

Special thanks to Vasiliki Schoina and Antonios Tzortzopoulos from our team, whose expertise and dedication have been pivotal in driving our project forward.

We're looking forward to the journey ahead, as we continue to explore and expand the frontiers of additive manufacturing and robotics, aiming for breakthroughs that redefine possibilities.