PartPro350 xBC

With the cutting edge page-wide printing technology, PartPro350 xBC delivers industry-leading ultra printing productivity. With vertical building speed up to 18mm per hour with full-capacity building, it is going to be the revolutionary mass production machine for all industries with needs of full-color 3D objects.
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Main Features

  • Full Color 3D Printing: Users can 3D print objects in full color with a resolution of 1600 x 1600 dpi
  • Removable Build Tray: Facilitates object removal after the 3D printing process
  • Software: This 3D printer uses BCPware to slice 3D models



Full-Color Binder Jetting

Thanks to the Binder Jetting Technology, PartPro350 xBC offers full-color printing object in one process by integrating all steps of curing, coloring and 3D stacking at once with CMY three-color ink and transparent binder.High color resolution (1600 dpi) makes printouts fully presented in detail.

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Removable Build Tray Module for High Productivity

PartPro350 xBC comes with the removable build tray module to allow users print efficiently. Users can replace a new build tray directly into the machine to start a new print immediately, meanwhile, they also can clean off the prints just completed. Also, the removable print tray provides a cleaner solution for powder removal and a more efficient method for printing.

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