SLM printing uses selective laser melting technology which melts metal powders and solidifies layer by layer until a three-dimensional part is built. During the process, the ruler in the build chamber will pave one layer of the metal powder, a high-powered laser selectively fuses the powder by tracing the cross-section of the part on the surface of a powder bed and then a new coat of material is applied for the next layer. The whole process is in a high vacuum chamber or full of a protective gas chamber to avoid the metal powder reacting with oxygen at high temperatures.
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Product Specifications

Large-format dual galvanometer Metal 3D Printing system
Technology: SLM ( Selective Laser Melting)
Material: Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, Die Steel, Titanium Alloy, Cobalt-chromium Alloy, Nickel Base Superalloy, Copper Alloy etc.
Laser Type: Fiber Laser x4 (500W/1000W)
Recoating System: Scraper recoating
Layer Thickness: 0.02~0.10mm
Scanning Speed: 1.0~10.0m/s
Build Envelope: 600mm(X)x600mm(Y)×1000mm(Z)
Machine Size: 3.30m(W)×1.65m(D)×4.05m(H)

Machine advantages

• Programmable user software
• Data packages for different materials building
• High vacuum, low leaking mechanical design
• Intelligent partitioning laser scanning path
• Directly delete damaged parts in the printing process
• Printing info APP monitor and smart push

Technical advantages

• High accuracy, achieve to 0.05mm
• Directly manufacture metal functional parts, vastly shorten the production process
• Metal functional parts have metallurgical bonding structure, high density, and great mechanical property
• Directly manufacture complex geometrical shape aerospace functional parts
• Various materials, including mono metal powder and mixed metal powder
• Suitable for customizing single or small batch functional parts