CreatBot is one of the first domestic manufacturers of professional desktop and industrial 3D printing equipment. It was founded in early 2012 it. After eight years of development, it has become an international well-known brand.

Among them, D series is positioned at the mid-end and large-size 3D printer market, and the total sales in the global market has exceeded 10,000.

The D600 series of industrial-grade 3D printers has established cooperative relations with world-renowned enterprises such as NASA, Airbus, Volkswagen and Harvard University.

The latest F series products developed in 2018 have been widely recognized in the market. The new 3D printer PEEK-300, which released in 2019, is able to print high performance material like PEEK, PEKK, PEI, ULTEM,etc. It is the most advanced 3D printer in industrial application and medical implantation filed. biomedical, Scientific research and education Henan Suwei Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Industrial design Company profile Application field architectural design Art design Automobile aviation Product development CreatBot has an independent 3D printing research and development center and has established close cooperation with many universities.

All CreatBot products passed CE, FCC, ISO9001 and other international quality and environmental certifications. It is a National High-tech Enterprises as well. Now it has developed more than 100 dealers in more than 40 countries and regions at domestic and overseas, providing high quality local services for end users.