Making it easy to Bioprint the most sophisticated constructs! The BIO X6 leverages up to six different printhead technologies to fabricate constructs with any cell type, enabling you to produce any tissue found in the body.
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Flexible six-printhead bioprinting

The most flexible six-printhead bioprinting platform on the market, the BIO X6 is the preferred system for those ready to make history. With the BIO X6 in your lab, you can combine more materials, cells and tools — and get your results sooner — than ever before. Just select and attach a printhead, load the bioink cartridges and press print,because the BIO X6 software and autocalibration will take care of the rest

Εικόνα για την κατηγορία Flexible six-printhead bioprinting

Generate Multifaced Models with unparalleled flexibility.

The BIO X6 is the only six-printhead bioprinter containing CELLINK’s adaptable modularity, making it the most flexible high-throughput bioprinting platform on the market.Now you can use up to six materials simultaneously within your print. Designate printhead-specific parameters, cell densities and cell types to incorporate complexity that meets your project’s needs. The innovative technology also lets you add more support structures and vascular networks. With leading-edge capabilities that enable you to print even the most complicated constructs, BIO X6 is a must-have for advanced tissue engineers, regenerative medicine labs and cancer biologists that require high-throughput bioprinting and dispensing

Εικόνα για την κατηγορία Generate Multifaced Models with unparalleled flexibility.

Combining Performance and Power with Compact Size

We understand how important space efficiency is to a lab. The BIO X6 is the only true benchtop bioprinter that combines six printheads with our patented Clean Chamber Technology in a compact package, taking up only a 78.1-cm footprint in your lab. The BIO X6 is a standalone unit that offers unbeatable scale, power and performance, coming fully equipped with a quiet internal oil-free air compressor and temperature-controlled printbed surface. When printing cells, a sterile environment is essential and may require working in a laminar flow cabinet – but that’s impossible to do with most lab equipment. BIO X6 fits perfectly in any laminar flow cabinet and provides everything you need to bioprint without any cumbersome external connections.
Even though the BIO X6 works perfectly as a standalone platform, you may want to supplement its functionality to run a particular query. For this purpose, we designed the BIO X6 to easily connect to external air supply, enabling you to use higher pressures when bioprinting with highly viscous bioinks and thermoplastic polymers.

Εικόνα για την κατηγορία Combining Performance and Power with Compact Size

Clean, Reinvented

BIO X6 is equipped with our patented Clean Chamber Technology and dual high-power fans that produce positive air pressure inside the chamber. The air travels downward through a prefilter to retain larger particles, and then through a HEPA H14 filter to sort out even the smallest of particles. The dual high-power fans fill the chamber with filtered air to keep your experiment environment clean and free of potential contaminants.
The BIO X6 is made without sharp corners, ensuring that no unwanted particles get trapped in the chamber. UV-C (287-nm wavelength) germicidal lights enable you to run sterilization cycles at any time and sterilize the printing environment before starting your experiments. The process is fast, easy and user-friendly. Together, these features create an unparalleled system of uncompromised cleanliness.

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