ANiMA sponsored Racing Team Perseus

Παρασκευή, 14 Μαΐου 2021

ANiMA- The 3D Printer Experts, sponsored the Racing Team Perseus from FSAE Team - University of Western Macedonia (Kozani), for this year’s Student Formula Racing Competition. The company created an impressive 3D printed part for the team’s new engine’s air intake plenum with the help of a powerful industrial-grade 3D printer, the Flashforge Creator 3.

The aim was to create a single-seat formula model. We are proud to support the Perseus Racing Team by using one of the most innovative & best-in-class 3d printers. Creator 3 is an ideal choice for small production projects bringing quality and precision. It is fascinating to be closely involved with young talented people as they evolve, develop concepts, and ultimately design their racing car.

This competition does not only require its participants to build the fastest car. A combination of performance, engineering design, and presentation will bring the trophy home. We wish them the very best of luck! Enjoy the ride!

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