ANiMA equipped the Additive Manufacturing Unit of CERTH (Mobile version)

Παρασκευή, 26 Μαρτίου 2021

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ANiMA equipped the Additive Manufacturing Unit of CERTH (AMU), laboratory of Information Technologies Institute, with 3D Solutions

to develop their R&D, Rapid prototyping, and Industrial manufacturing infrastructures. 



The AMU (Additive Manufacturing Unit) (CERTH/ITI) wanted to enable the wide-scale availability of on-demand rapid prototypes and 3D-enabled products for various applications.The laboratory aimed to integrate Additive Manufacturing processes in various scientific sectors to change the design approach of the product development process. AMU's vision is to provide local ecosystems the ability to launch products on the market in a more efficient way via rapid prototyping, design, manufacturing, and the examination of 3D printed enabled products.


A series of cutting-edge powerful 3D printers were supplied to AMU (CERTH/ITI) by ANiMA, alongside additive manufacturing advisory services. The result was the creation of one of the best product design and development entities in Greece.The laboratory has now possesses the potential to explore new possibilities via additive manufacturing, something difficult to achieve using traditional methods. AMU has now acquired the ideal equipment to provide hardware, software, R&D guidance, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, and innovation.


ANiMA was responsible for creating AMU's 3D Printer Farm by providing all the machinery needed and successfully installing the 3D printers in the laboratory's facilities.
Furthermore, ANiMA provided AMU limitlessly access to its technical know-how to directly solve issues customers may face by utilizing its well-experienced technical support team.


OR Laser: Creates metal components made by titanium alloy in almost every geometric shape that is not possible using traditional techniques. This machine creates metal components and precision parts in industries such as Aerospace, Engineering, Medical, Jewellery, and more. It uses an innovative revolving blade to move powder from the feed chamber to the build chamber, increasing part production by up to 30%. The machine uses a high-power 250W fiber laser to sinter powder into parts quickly and without the need for chamber heating. It can print a wide range of materials: stainless steel and cobalt chrome, titanium alloys, precious metals, which constitutes an additional key feature of the system.

Multi Jet Printer MJP 5600: This 3D printer can simultaneously print and blend flexible and rigid photopolymers within the VisiJet® family of materials. It is performed layer-by-layer at the voxel level, in one part, and in a single built, to achieve superior mechanical properties. Additionally, VisiJet® rigid plastic, elastomeric, and composite materials are engineered for performance with varying degrees of flexibility, material transparency,and differentiated shades in one part.

Lisa Sinterit: Using advanced SLS technology, the Lisa 3D Printer produces parts held to very high standards due to their surface finish, accuracy, excellent mechanical properties, and resistance to UV radiation, chemicals, or high temperatures. With Selective Laser Sintering technology, the powder is loaded into a feed bed and spread layer by layer onto the build platform. The build chamber is heated to warm the powder, and a laser etches the powder in a similar way to SLA. The powder holds the print in place, eliminating the need for support materials. Thus, increasing the design freedom of the part.

Da Vinci Color: AIO Remarkable inkjet technology provides full-color prints and high-speed, efficient printing. It uses CMYK inkjet cartridges to apply color to the print's color-absorbing PLA filament. Millions of colors can be created by mixing the colors.

Cellink Bio: X 3D Bioprinter is the most user-friendly yet high-quality, cost-effective bioprinting platform in the world. The system provides patented clean chamber, technology, exchangeable heated and cooled print heads to offer pneumatic extrusion, ink-jet extrusion, thermoplastic extrusion, and even syringe-based extrusion all in one system. User-friendly software guides the user throughout the printing process.


The Additive Manufacturing Unit (AMU) is a research unit laboratory of Information Technologies Institute (ITI) of Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) founded in 2019. AMU provides its facilities and equipment for the manufacturing and examination of 3D printed prototypes and others in a more efficient stage before launching a product on the market. AMU, enables social manufacturing approach on the basis of local ecosystems that makers, manufacturers and consumers, and interlink available micro-manufacturing equipment, ICT solutions and quality control to its infrastructure. Furthermore, AMU supports individuals to implement their ideas at a product, customized to their needs and requirements. AMU supports the Do It Yourself (DIY) actions and synergies with SMEs and industries and reinforces the circular economy.


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