The flexible and affordable 3D metal printer. The 2CREATE is an accessible way to manufacture complex metal parts from a variety of alloys. Fast, Efficient, Sophisticated.

The Industry-leading 3D metal printer

2CREATE is an industry-leading 3D metal printer designed specifically for small and medium-sized parts. Whether you need to make implants, industrial parts or just for the flexibility of research and development, the 2CREATE can handle the job in a cost-effective, efficient, and high-quality way. With an open concept design, this 3D printer is compatible with powders from other manufacturers giving you the freedom to make a wide variety of parts without having to spend extra money.

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It’s Fast!

2CREATE’s 3D printer is significantly faster than its competing products, which is what makes it so attractive to its users. Its print files are in a transparent Gcode format, making printing 3D simple and straightforward. The coater rotates in only one direction, keeping dead wasted time to a minimum. While rotating, the coater picks up new powder while the laser process is still active, this is another way the 3D printer saves its users time and money. Once the process is completed, the build platform can immediately be coated with new powder so users can begin their next task.

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2Build CAM Solution

The CAM software 2Build is the newest and most innovated tool for print data preparation, and the solution to all your 3D printing needs. The strategy editor allows you to choose the right strategy for your powder from a large library of process parameters.

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Parameter Development Feature

The CAM software 2Build has been designed to support the user in the development of process parameters for new powder types. The tool accomplishes this by supporting the process from start to finish, automatically generating test patterns, and defining the test parameters for the patterns. The analysis of the results is carried out automatically based on micrographs. In the end, the software calculates the perfect parameter sets for the powder under investigation.

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