da Vinci Nano

The da Vinci nano has been designed to make 3D printing accessible for everyone. Safe and portable, its micro-design makes it a perfect 3D printing companion for any child.
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Comes fully assembled with auto-leveling software and an auto-feeding filament system, making setup, calibration and maintenance a breeze.

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Portable and Lightweight

Weighing just 4.7kg, the da Vinci nano is light enough to take to a friends house and share the fun of 3D printing.

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Perfect Prints First Time

All of our print materials are quality checked and pre-tested so that there is no need to adjust material settings. Simply load your model and press print in XYZprint to get greats results every time.

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Safe Printing

With an enclosed print area, don’t worry about accidentally touching the hot extruder or moving parts. This printer has been built with your children’s safety in mind. Additionally, the da Vinci nano prints biocompostable DEHP-free PLA filament , one of the safest printing materials available.

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