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3D Printing

3D printing, also known as Additive Manufacturing, is a manufacturing process where a 3D printer creates three-dimensional objects by depositing materials layer by layer in accordance to the object’s 3D digital model.


We offer 3D Printing solutions since 2009, from prototyping to production, in plastic and metal materials. Choose your 3D Printer from the widest range of 3D Printing technologies in Greece.

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The iDEN160 is an industrial grade metal 3D Printer, with large building plate, open materials and significant printing capabilities. A Value For Money solution for dental applications and small-medium parts.
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3D Printing TechnologyMetal Powder (SLS, SLM, DMP)
Build Volume160mm(X) × 160mm(Y) × 100mm(Z)
Laser Power200W
Μέγιστη Ταχύτητα ΕκτύπωσηςUp to 20mm/hr