STL Export

STL Export από τα γνωστότερα σχεδιαστικά προγράμματα CAD

 Save As >STL
 Enter File Name

Save Copy As

Select STL

Choose Options >Set to High

Enter File Name



 Your design must be a three-dimensional solid object to output an STL file.
 Make sure the model is in positive space
 Set Facetres to 10
 At the command prompt type STLOUT
 Select Objects
 Choose Y for Binary
 Choose Filename 
CadKey / KeyCreator 

 Choose Stereolithography from Export options
 Enter the filename
 Click OK 

 File >Export >Rapid Prototype File >OK
 Select the Part to be Prototyped
 Select Prototype Device >SLA500.dat >OK
 Set absolute facet deviation to 0.000395
 Select Binary >OK 


 Right Click on the part
 Part Properties >Rendering
 Set Facet Surface Smoothing to 150
 File >Export
 Choose .STL 
Mechanical Desktop 

 Use the AMSTLOUT command to export your STL file.
 The following command line options affect the quality of the STL and should be adjusted to produce an acceptable file.
 Angular Tolerance - This command limits the angle between the normals of adjacent triangles.
 The default setting is 15 degrees. Reducing the angle will increase the resolution of the STL file.
 Aspect Ratio - This setting controls the Height/Width ratio of the facets. A setting of 1 would mean the height of a facet is no greater than its width. The default setting is 0, ignored.
 Surface Tolerance - This setting controls the greatest distance between the edge of a facet and the actual geometry. A setting of 0.0000 causes this option to be ignored.
 Vertex Spacing - This option controls the length of the edge of a facet. The default setting is 0.0000, ignored. 

 File >Save a Copy
 Set type to STL
 Set chord height to 0. The field will be replaced by minimum acceptable value.
 Set Angle Control to 1
 Choose File Name

 File >Save As
 Select File Type >STL
 Enter a name for the STL file.
 Select Binary STL Files 

 File >External >Save STL
 Select Binary mode
 Select Part
 Enter 0.001mm for Max Deviation Distance
 Click OK 

 File >Save As
 Set Save As Type to STL
 Set Conversion Tolerance to 0.001in or 0.0254mm.
 Set Surface Plane Angle to 45.00

 File >Save As
 Set Save As Type to STL
 Options >Output As=Binary, Unit = Inches
 Resolution > Custom, Deviation Tolerance = Minimum (Slide bar to right), Angle Tolerance = 5 degrees

 File >Export >Rapid Prototyping
 Set Output type to Binary
 Set Triangle Tolerance to 0.0025
 Set Adjacency Tolerance to 0.12
 Set Auto Normal Gen to On
 Set Normal Display to Off
 Set Triangle Display to On


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